living room art
by Cindy Batson

“Enjoy them while they’re little.” I heard this over and over when our girls were small. Most of the time we did enjoy them, but sometimes I secretly wished they were all grown up. This was usually after a tiring day or a long night of sickness.

Now that our girls are older, we often reminisce about the memories we have of those sometimes frenzied moments. Most of our memories are good ones. Here’s a poem I wrote about one such remembrance:

Blue circles, red circles
Overlapping and symmetrical.
A beautiful pattern of vibrant hues.
Dark red, light red,
Dark blue, light blue,
Around and around they go.
Memories of that moment
Bring a smile to my face.

For this was a beautiful piece of artwork
Done by a creative little girl.
Insignificant if drawn on paper,
Remembered for being drawn
On our living room floor.

This happened when Cammie was four years old. As the story goes, Willie was in the same room reading the newspaper while I was in the kitchen. Sensing something was not right, I walked into the living room to find Cammie having a great time on our beige carpet. Willie was totally unaware of what had occurred.

It probably wasn’t as funny then as now, but it’s one of those events we will always remember. Enjoy them while they’re little!

©1998 Cynthia Batson – All Rights Reserved
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