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“This is my beloved, this is my friend.” – Song of Solomon 5:16

Friends and lovers. What a great foundation for a marriage that lasts. And not just endures, but thrives. These two qualities, when nurtured in marriage, lead to a fulfilling intimacy as God designed it.

Using the love story found in the Old Testament book of Song of Solomon, Willie Batson shows couples how a deep friendship is clearly at the foundation of their marital relationship and the driving force behind their romance. In Friends & Lovers: Keys to a Lasting Marriage, married couples discover how building a satisfying friendship with their spouse can be a way of enhancing their joys and take the edge off their difficulties.

  • reCharge your friendship with your spouse
  • reKindle the flame of love and passion in your marriage
  • reFocus on the one your heart loves
  • reFresh your intimacy and affection
  • reConnect your marriage to what is most important

Session Topics:

  • Friendship: The Indispensable Key to Marriage
  • When Lovers Quarrel
  • A Lover’s Garden of Delight!
  • Is Lifelong Passion Possible?

Seminar Schedule:31708_A_day_at_the_beach(2)

8:30 am Check-in and Refreshments
9:00 Session #1
10:00 Break
10:20 Session #2
11:45 Lunch
12:45 pm Session #3
2:00 Break
2:15 Session #4
3:30 Seminar Ends

The sessions contain practical teaching, funny videos, and Couple Time discussions with your spouse.

Seminar Speaker:

wb_IMG_8110(3)Willie Batson, Founder/President of Family Builders Ministries, is an engaging presenter who speaks nationally with authority on today’s family relationships. He inspires his audience with practical information that encourages couples to work together through relational issues with a Christ-centered approach. Willie brings both humor and practical wisdom to his presentations. It is the exact right combination. His work genuinely reflects a calling from God in his life.  Read more here…

Comments from participants:

  • “It was so relaxing and refreshing! Great teaching from Willie about being friends and lovers in your marriage.”
  • “It was a powerful weekend. Thank you Willie!”
  • “My wife and I who are still newly married learned so much more about marriage and how to honor God in marriage. The Lord used you to show us things we didn’t see before, and as a result our relationship has gotten even better than it was before!”

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